Did you know that eavesdropping and bugging are quite common? And it is not just law enforcement who are doing the bugging. Even so, they are bug detectors that can help pinpoint the location of these concealed transmitters using an LED display or audio alarm. If you need to secure your home, office, Airbnb, or hotel room from wireless microphones and transmitters you might want to consider getting one.


Common types of bug detectors:


With special phone bug detectors, you can easily detect if any type of bug equipment is being used on your telephone lines. Even if your telephone, is off or on the hook.


Just like bugs, hidden detectors can be made to appear inconspicuous. There are hidden bug detectors that can even look like a regular smoke detector. By flashing a red LED two times per second these nifty devices will alert you should anyone enter your presence carrying a hidden radio transmitter.


Some bug detectors are very compact and can inform you if someone is carrying a hidden spy camera. Additionally, they can detect if one is hidden on the premises. Such devices were formally only sold to government officials, but are now available for public use.

Other bug detectors come with a monitor display that can detect multiple hidden cameras, and show you exactly what is being displayed on them. Most of these devices run on double-A batteries and can scan for hidden cameras within 5 seconds.

Detecting without equipment

Even without a bug detecting device on hand, they are a few ways you can protect yourself if you suspect a hidden camera or microphone. Though these methods are far from full proof it may be worth a try.

Most hidden cameras and mic are less likely to have wireless since they work with wi-fi. Despite this, you can take a closer look at objects pointed in your direction. Look for small shiny holes on clocks, pictures, electrical outlets, and smoke detectors. If a device is not functioning or looks a bit off that can be a possible red flag that something is up.

If you have access to the internet look the item up and make comparisons. You can also take some time out to research some of the common types of hidden bugs.

Conclusion: The chances of your home being bugged by a non-family member is highly unlikely. Nevertheless, you may just want to take some precautions for your own peace of mind or when traveling.