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How To Replace Riding Lawn Mower Wheel 

The wheels on a riding lawnmower are usually tubeless, so the repair process requires that you replace or patch the tire. In either case, removing the wheel completely is the best solution. Advertisement Depending upon where the tire has gone flat, you can change the…

Purchasing used equipment for new business

Beginners tips for chainsaw maintenance 

Proper chainsaw maintenance is just as important as safety and will help ensure that your equipment will not let you down. Advertisement Fuel and air filters Before using your chainsaw, you need to inspect the fuel system for any visible leaks or clogs. The fuel…

DIY PROJECTS, Home & Garden

Removing Corrosion from Your Car Battery 

Have you ever tried to jumpstart your vehicle, only to notice that you could barely see your battery terminal underneath all the gunk? That ‘gunk’ is battery corrosion, a chemical reaction that occurs when hydrogen gas released from the battery acids reacts with the terminals….

Tips for safe operation of hedge trimmer
DIY PROJECTS, Home & Garden

Operating a hedge trimmer safely 

For those of you who are truly passionate about your landscaping, a hedge trimmer is one of the main tools in your collection. If not then you have probably considered getting one. Hedge trimmers are designed for trimming hedges as their name implies. They operate…

DIY PROJECTS, Home & Garden

Gardening Tools: Care and Repair 

Having knowledge of how to properly maintain and use garden tools will extend their life, help prevent personal injury, and enhance your gardening enjoyment. Advertisement Wooden parts Metal parts Color code your tools Aside from preservation by paint, misplaced tools are easier to find when…

DIY PROJECTS, Home & Garden

Homeowner chainsaw buyers guide 

Have you always wanted a chain saw, but opted out because you don’t know the first thing about a chain saw? That’s ok, chainsaws were once only associated with loggers and big burly type men, but that’s a thing of the past. Today’s chainsaws are a lot…

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Gardening Gifts Ideas 

Have you ever thought about what to get a gardener for a gift? Well, it is simple really, give them something that is garden-related. Think back to the most recent gift you received and how it made you feel. Did it have a practical use,…

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Choosing the right pair of gardening gloves 

A healthy pair of hands is a gardener’s most precious tool, so why not invest a few extra bucks and protect them? Here are a few reasons you should consider getting a pair of strong gloves and which one to choose from. Besides looking really…