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STHIL BR 600 Leaf Blower 

The STHIL BR 600 backpack leaf blower packs a powerful punch, allowing you to efficiently and swiftly tidy up your yard. Advertisement Whether you have a large property or just need to clear your driveway and walkways, the STHIL BR 600 is up to the…

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3 Basic car maintenance rules 

Most vehicles come with a certain set of instructions regarding how to maintain them, the owner’s manual. This set of instructions on how to maintain our vehicles is like commandments straight from the manufacturer. Even so, with our busy schedule and the increased cost of…

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Beginners tips for chainsaw maintenance 

Proper chainsaw maintenance is just as important as safety and will help ensure that your equipment will not let you down. Advertisement Fuel and air filters Before using your chainsaw, you need to inspect the fuel system for any visible leaks or clogs. The fuel…


General Guide for Maintaining your Coleman Lantern 

Properly caring and doing regular maintenance on your Coleman propane lantern, will extend its functionality for many years. After all, the iconic Coleman lantern has been around since 1914 so there is no question about it is durability. Advertisement Besides keeping your lamp looking shiny,…


Camp Fire Basics 

Besides impressing your friends, having the skills to build a good campfire during your trip will enhance the camping experience. Although they are many types of camping equipment that are far more efficient for creating fires, they just make the conventional campfire seem mediocre. Henceforth,…

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How to start STIHL KM 94 R weed eater 

Light and powerful are two qualities that make the STIHL KM 94R series weed eater immensely popular amongst both homeowners and professional landscapers. Many of you might still own an instruction manual already if you purchased yours new. However, others may have lost it or…

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Guide To Basic Lawn Mower Maintenance 

Starting your lawnmower after a long winter should not have to be a frustrating process. Performing a few routine maintenances before storing your lawnmower can save you time in the spring, extend the life of your mower, and save you money over the longer run….

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Weed-eater bogs down or wont start 

You grab your trusty weed-eater to get started on that overgrown grass that’s been put off for weeks. It starts up just like normal, but there is one problem. Each time you press the throttle the engine bogs down, shut off, or perhaps won’t even…

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How to sharpen you mower blade 

The blade on your lawnmower needs to be sharp or it will not cut your lawn properly. One general way of finding out if your blades are overdue for sharping is by observing both the grass and the blade itself for physical defects.  Remove a…