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Beginners Guide to Choosing Right Backpack 

The single-most-important gear of any backpacking venture is…, you guessed it, your backpack. Everything that you need to take with you will be inside one. In addition, you will have to shoulder the load. Advertisement Selecting the wrong backpack can result in things being quite…

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Beginners tips for chainsaw maintenance 

Proper chainsaw maintenance is just as important as safety and will help ensure that your equipment will not let you down. Advertisement Fuel and air filters Before using your chainsaw, you need to inspect the fuel system for any visible leaks or clogs. The fuel…

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Starting Greenworks 2000 PSI Pressure Washer 

In this article, we are going to be going through a few steps that are going to help you get your Green Works GPW 2000PSI pressure washer ready for use. Advertisement 1. First, connect your water source and secure it tightly 2. Connect one end…

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Protégé Digital Luggage Scale Review 

Do you travel a lot? If so, then you know how important it is to not have your luggage overweight. You have a few available options, like guessing or using a regular scale. However, I would not recommend guessing, and the scale method tends to…


General Guide for Maintaining your Coleman Lantern 

Properly caring and doing regular maintenance on your Coleman propane lantern, will extend its functionality for many years. After all, the iconic Coleman lantern has been around since 1914 so there is no question about it is durability. Advertisement Besides keeping your lamp looking shiny,…


Camp Fire Basics 

Besides impressing your friends, having the skills to build a good campfire during your trip will enhance the camping experience. Although they are many types of camping equipment that are far more efficient for creating fires, they just make the conventional campfire seem mediocre. Henceforth,…

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Removing Corrosion from Your Car Battery 

Have you ever tried to jumpstart your vehicle, only to notice that you could barely see your battery terminal underneath all the gunk? That ‘gunk’ is battery corrosion, a chemical reaction that occurs when hydrogen gas released from the battery acids reacts with the terminals….

Step to making home made curtain rod
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Making the perfect curtain rods 

If you thought that making curtain rods would be too difficult or time-consuming, you may want to think again. You might also be surprised at how simple this project can be. For example, did you know that it is possible to make perfect curtain rods that look great and…

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How to repair garden hose 

Each year many homeowners throw away their garden hoses when they become damaged. This makes sense since normal wear and tear is common with any tools used in the yard a lot. Advertisement Hoses or attachments can become damaged or rusted over time, therefore, making…

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Planting Crocus bulbs 

Crocus is a much-loved and hardy flower belonging to the iris family of plants. Apart from a few species that bloom during fall, these perennials’ flowers normally grow in spring. Crocuses will make a lovely addition to any home, whether you plant them outside in…

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How to sharpen you mower blade 

The blade on your lawnmower needs to be sharp or it will not cut your lawn properly. One general way of finding out if your blades are overdue for sharping is by observing both the grass and the blade itself for physical defects.  Remove a…