Many people take pride in the appearance of their wardrobes, so they spend a lot of time doing laundry. This is understandable, but all that time spent in the laundry room might be a waste. Here are some tips on managing the time spent while doing laundry:


Save time by using shorter wash cycles

During the first two minutes of the wash cycle, Ninety-eight percent of soil comes out. Your everyday clothing that is not heavily soiled or without stains only requires about six minutes of laundry time. Therefore, using shorter wash cycles can save time, water, and prevent dark clothing from fading.

Do not overload your washer

Take the extra time out and wash clothes in separate loads if you must. If a washing machine is too full, clothes will not rinse or agitate enough. You might be able to get all your clothes done in one load, however, they will not come out clean. Make sure you distribute the clothes equally around the washing machine bathtub to keep the load balanced during spin cycles.

Hand-wash delicates

Handwash garments that are delicate and need special care. Mixing these types of clothing amongst your regular laundry can result in them getting damaged during the wash cycle.

  • Allow all the water drain out of the basin before moving a loosely or fragile knitted garment.
  • Gently squeeze delicate fabrics when removing water ; they may stretch or tear if you squeeze them in a hurry.

Detergent balls can save time

Most detergents require the washer to be filled at least halfway with water so it can dissolve properly and before adding clothes. This helps protect your clothes from stains and allows equal distribution of the detergent. Nevertheless, that is a lot of unnecessary time spent per load, not to mentioned pouring, spilling.

With the detergent ball, they just sit in your washer, always waiting and ready always. Just drop it in once and it should last for up to 1000 loads of laundry depending on the brand. Another benefit of detergent balls is that they have a long shelf life of up to two years so save some extra time and try them.

Concluding thoughts: Although taking the extra time can be the best thing for keeping your wardrobe looking great, it is not always necessary. Knowing when to spend time washing and when to save it, helps can keep clothes looking their best while giving you more time to show them off.