The level of home security monitoring you receive is directly dependent on which provider you choose, and this, in turn, will determine the sequence of events that occur while the security system is in use. Home security monitoring provides you and your family with 24 hours day protection from burglars and in some cases, even fire.


The level of protection that you receive will depend on the complexity of your home security system and the capabilities of the security provider you have chosen.

Activation of The Home Security System

During the installation process, the homeowner is usually asked to input a password (code) into the security system using the keypad function to turn on the security system. Whenever the person leaves his or her home, they type in the password to activate the security system.

Triggers of the Home Security System

There are several things that will trigger your home security system, depending on the type of system you have chosen. Triggers can include a fire depending on whether it comes with smoke detection, burglars that physically offset the alarm by trying to break in, or intruders that come in proximity with your property if your home security system has motion detectors.

What Happens When The Home Security System Has Been Triggered?

Once the system has been triggered, the various components of the home security system are activated. If there is a breach of security, upon detecting an intruder, a warning alarm will sound.

Depending on the type of security system chosen, this alarm should sound on the homeowner’s phone as well, and they usually have about 30 seconds to deactivate the alarm before the home security alarm system takes the next step.

If the alarm is not deactivated, two things happen simultaneously:

  • A loud alarm goes off instantaneously.
  • Message is sent to the monitoring station that there has been a breach of security.

This message reaches personnel at a 24-hour per day monitoring station, and their first response is to contact the homeowner to determine whether the home security monitoring system has been breached or if it was a false alarm.

If it was in fact a breach of security, the personnel at the monitoring station will contact the local police department and send them to the homeowner’s address.

These are the basic features of the home security monitoring system and depending on what system and company you choose there may be additional perks.

I hope this article was helpful and has you considering whether a home security system may be the thing for your home to keep your family safe. Until the next article, stay connected!