The EverStart Maxx J5CPDE Jump Starter and Power Station (hereafter EverStart Maxx) is a multi-functional device aiming to be your one-stop shop for roadside emergencies and power needs. It boasts a 1200-peak amp jump starter, a 500-watt inverter, a built-in air compressor, and triple USB ports for charging various devices. But with so much packed into one unit, how well does it perform each function? Let’s delve into a closer look at the EverStart Maxx’s strengths and weaknesses.


Jump Starting Performance: Enough for Most Gas-Powered Vehicles

The EverStart Maxx’s core functionality is jump starting dead batteries. With 1200 peak amps, it can handle most gasoline-powered engines, including V8s. However, some users report mixed experiences with larger engines or diesel vehicles. If you frequently drive a heavy-duty truck or diesel car, it might be wise to consider a higher cranking amp model.

Another caveat to consider is the lead-acid battery used in the EverStart Maxx. Lead-acid batteries have a higher self-discharge rate compared to their lithium counterparts. This means the EverStart Maxx needs to be periodically charged to maintain its ability to deliver the cranking amps needed for jump starting.

For users who prioritize portability and occasional jump starting, the EverStart Maxx’s lighter weight and lower price point compared to lithium options might be a good compromise. However, those needing a jump starter for infrequent use on larger vehicles or wanting a longer shelf life between charges might be better served with a lithium model.

Power Inverter: Power Essential Electronics During Outages

The 500-watt inverter in the EverStart Maxx allows you to power essential electronics during power outages or while on the go. This is particularly useful for camping trips, tailgating, or for unexpected blackouts. You can power laptops, phones, tablets, small TVs, and other devices within the 500-watt limit.

However, it’s important to note that the 500-watt rating is a peak wattage. For continuous use, the EverStart Maxx is limited to 250 watts. This is enough for most basic needs but limits its ability to run high-powered appliances like microwaves or power tools.

Overall, the inverter in the EverStart Maxx is a valuable feature for powering essentials during outages or off-grid activities. Just be sure to manage your wattage consumption to avoid overloading the unit.

Built-in Air Compressor: Handy for Topping Off Tires

The EverStart Maxx also features a built-in air compressor with an automatic shut-off function. It can inflate car tires up to 120 PSI, which is sufficient for topping off tires after a slow leak or for pre-trip inflation checks.

While not as powerful as a dedicated tire inflator, the compressor is a handy feature to have on hand in case of a flat tire. It can get you back on the road quickly without needing to find an air pump.

Triple USB Ports: Charge Multiple Devices on the Go

The EverStart Maxx comes equipped with three USB ports, allowing you to charge multiple devices simultaneously. This is a convenient feature for keeping smartphones, tablets, cameras, or other USB-powered devices charged during road trips or camping adventures.

However, the USB ports are not high-powered and likely won’t support fast charging for most devices. They are better suited for maintaining a charge rather than quickly powering up depleted batteries.

Overall Impression: A Functional Multi-tool with Limitations

The EverStart Maxx J5CPDE Jump Starter and Power Station offers a compelling combination of features at a competitive price point. It can jump start most gas-powered vehicles, provide emergency power during outages, inflate tires, and charge multiple devices.

However, potential buyers should be aware of its limitations. The lead-acid battery requires maintenance, and the jump starting performance might not be sufficient for larger vehicles. The inverter has a continuous wattage limit, and the air compressor is not as powerful as dedicated inflators.

Ultimately, the EverStart Maxx is a good option for casual users who need a jump starter for occasional use and appreciate the additional functionalities of a power bank, air compressor, and USB charging. If you prioritize heavy-duty jump starting or require continuous high-wattage power, you might want to consider more specialized options.