Did you know that you can convert some weed eaters into another tool?  These trimmers are known as split shaft trimmers. You may have one stored away in the garage and not even know it.


An easy way to identify a split shaft trimmer is by examining the shaft itself. All split shaft trimmers feature a coupler system located in the middle of the drive tube. This system gives you the ability to interchange a series of attachments. Therefore, eliminating the need to back around several tools.

Here is a list of common attachments available:

  • Trimmer attachments come standard with most powerheads. You can also convert these attachments to a brush cutter by switching the standard trimmer head with a brush blade.
  • Blower attachments are comparable to a small hand-leaf blower in terms of performance. These units are very handy for smaller weed-eating jobs around the yard.
  • Cultivator attachments allow you to mix up soil in your garden beds. They, however, lack the raw power of a tiller making them limited to softer soil types.
  • Pole Saw attachments are a must for properties that require regular tree maintenance. Its extended reach makes quick work out of lower branches.
  • Hedge Trimmer attachments are a great alternative to regular handheld units. The only drawback is the thickness of the vegetation.
  • Edger attachments can give your lawn that professional look achieved by landscaping companies.
  • Sweeper attachments come in handy for cleaning up large areas or removing gravel from lawns.


  1. Split shaft trimmer can be dismantled into separate pieces making transportation easier. This versatility can end up saving tons of storage space.
  2. There is no need to buy different dedicated tools since the attachment function in the same way.
  3. Most attachments are interchangeable with other brands that have a similar drive shaft. Ryobi, Green Works, Toro, Craftsman, Troy-built, Echo PAS, have a similar attachment. The STIHL Kombi system has a slightly different coupler system but should still accept universal attachments. Two other systems worth mentioning are Honda VersAttach and Husqvarna Combi. However, their attachments are not interchangeable with other brands previously mentioned.


  1. None of the attachments can function independently without the powerhead.
  2. Takes time to stop and switch between attachments. This could be a big drawback when doing larger jobs that require different tools.

These types of trimmers are no replacements for professional grade equipment, but for the average homeowner, they are more than adequate.