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Mowing overgrown lawn with a residential mower
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How to Clean a Push Mower Deck 

A clean push mower deck is essential for a number of reasons. First, it helps to ensure that your mower is running efficiently. When the deck is dirty, it can cause the mower to overheat and work harder than it needs to. Second, a clean…

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STHIL BR 600 Leaf Blower 

The STHIL BR 600 backpack leaf blower packs a powerful punch, allowing you to efficiently and swiftly tidy up your yard. Advertisement Whether you have a large property or just need to clear your driveway and walkways, the STHIL BR 600 is up to the…

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How To Replace Riding Lawn Mower Wheel 

The wheels on a riding lawnmower are usually tubeless, so the repair process requires that you replace or patch the tire. In either case, removing the wheel completely is the best solution. Advertisement Depending upon where the tire has gone flat, you can change the…

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Walk-behind VS Handheld Trimmer. Best option? 

Despite their appearance, wheeled string trimmers are not so complex compared to their handheld counterparts. These types of trimmers are hybrids between handle trimmers and traditional push mowers. In other words, they combined the best features of both. Nonetheless, depending on the intended usage, these…

Scotts Reel Mower Review
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Are Reel Mowers Worth it Today? 

Many of today’s new homeowners are looking for environmentally friendly solutions to yard maintenance. Reel lawn mowers are not a new idea, however they are gaining in popularity over time. Environmentally conscious homeowners are trading their self-propelled, petroleum-powered mowers for the old-fashioned, muscle-powered versions. Advertisement…

are robotic mowers worth it
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Worx Robotic Landroid Review 

The Worx Robotic Landroid is a self-propelled lawn-mowing robot designed to make the task of mowing your lawn easier and more convenient. This innovative device is one of the best choices for maintaining a healthy and beautiful lawn without the hassle of traditional lawnmowers. Advertisement…

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How to start STIHL KM 94 R weed eater 

Light and powerful are two qualities that make the STIHL KM 94R series weed eater immensely popular amongst both homeowners and professional landscapers. Many of you might still own an instruction manual already if you purchased yours new. However, others may have lost it or…