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How To Replace Riding Lawn Mower Wheel 

The wheels on a riding lawnmower are usually tubeless, so the repair process requires that you replace or patch the tire. In either case, removing the wheel completely is the best solution. Advertisement Depending upon where the tire has gone flat, you can change the…

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Cordless Tools Battery Troubleshooting 

Cordless tools are a great addition to your tools collection because of their numerous benefits. While they are many advantages to giving up the gas tank, they can be a few moments when you might rethink that decision. Advertisement Batteries do fail over time, and…

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Clogged Sink: What to Do? 

A clogged-up sink is a great way of putting a halt to or slowing down your daily routine in the kitchen. While it can be frustrating, there is no need to call the plumber each time it occurs. In fact, there are a few things…


General Guide for Maintaining your Coleman Lantern 

Properly caring and doing regular maintenance on your Coleman propane lantern, will extend its functionality for many years. After all, the iconic Coleman lantern has been around since 1914 so there is no question about it is durability. Advertisement Besides keeping your lamp looking shiny,…

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8 Waste Reduction Tips 

For many, old habits like forgetting to recycle a plastic bottle or soda might be a hard cycle to break. Even so, they are many simple ways to cut down on waste, from reusing household products to buying in bulk. The following are a few…

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Removing Corrosion from Your Car Battery 

Have you ever tried to jumpstart your vehicle, only to notice that you could barely see your battery terminal underneath all the gunk? That ‘gunk’ is battery corrosion, a chemical reaction that occurs when hydrogen gas released from the battery acids reacts with the terminals….

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Tips for Preventing Water Damage in Kitchen 

Even though your kitchen may seem like one of the cleanest rooms in your house, some areas tend to be neglected. When overlooked, these spots can result in excess moisture and even water damage. These areas include dishwashers, refrigerators, sink, and countertop. Advertisement The following…

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Avoiding Water Damage in Laundry Room 

The laundry room is one of the main places most of us store our washer and drier. Unfortunately, both appliances create heat and moisture which is bad. Therefore simple maintenance is required to help to avoid issues with water and mold. Advertisement Following a few…

protect basement from water damage
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Protect Your Home By Investing In The Basement 

For those lucky homeowners, doing everything possible to keep your basement dry and clean is vital for the ongoing stability of your home’s foundation. Several nasty diseases can spawn from mildew and mold as a result of moisture. These diseases can run amok in your…