Aspiring vloggers and budget-conscious creators, rejoice! The Bower Ultimate Vlogger Pro Kit might just be your ticket to upping your video game. This handy little package crams a surprising amount of filmmaking essentials into one affordable box, and I’ve been putting it through its paces to see if it davvero lives up to the hype.


First Impressions: Setting Up Shop

Ripping open the box, I was met with a organized array of equipment: a sturdy smartphone rig, an LED video light, a shotgun microphone, three diffuser filters, and a handy wireless remote. Setting it all up was a breeze – the rig’s adjustable grip held my phone snugly (even with a bulky case), and the cold shoe mounts made attaching the light and microphone a snap. Plus points for the clear instructions – even a total tech newbie like me could get filming in minutes.

Lights, Camera, Action!

Let’s dive into the nitty-gritty: how does it actually perform? The LED light packs a punch, offering warm and cool settings to banish dim lighting woes. The microphone is a game-changer, capturing crisp, clear audio that blows away my phone’s built-in mic. And the diffuser filters? They’re a fun bonus, letting you play with warm and cool tones or soften harsh daylight.

Smartphone Rig: Steady Does It

The rig is the kit’s unsung hero. It’s surprisingly sturdy, transforming your phone into a mini camcorder that tames shaky hands. Whether you’re vlogging on the go or recording cooking tutorials, the rig keeps your footage smooth and professional-looking. Bonus points for the included wireless remote, letting you trigger shutter releases from afar for those epic solo shots.

Video versions

The Nitty-Gritty: Perks and Peeves

  • Pros:
    • Affordable: This kit punches way above its weight in terms of value.
    • Easy to use: Perfect for beginners and tech-averse creators.
    • Compact and portable: Throw it in your bag and shoot on the fly.
    • Surprisingly good audio and video quality: You’ll be impressed with the upgrade.
  • Cons:
    • LED light battery life could be better: Pack an extra power bank for long shoots.
    • Microphone wind noise: Invest in a furry windshield if you’re vlogging outdoors.
    • Smartphone app integration would be cool: Imagine controlling the light and filters from your phone!

Verdict: A Budget-Friendly Brilliance

Overall, the Bower Ultimate Vlogger Pro Kit is a resounding win. It’s not without its quirks, but for the price, it’s a fantastic investment for anyone wanting to take their smartphone videography to the next level. Whether you’re a budding YouTube star or just looking to up your Instagram story game, this kit has all the essentials to help you shine on camera.So ditch the shaky handheld footage and wobbly audio – the Bower Ultimate Vlogger Pro Kit is your gateway to budget-friendly filmmaking brilliance.