In this article, we are going to be explaining how to re-fill the spool for your STIHL SuperCut trimmer head. Of course, you do not have to take off the trimmer head but, I just took it off for this demonstration.


Remove Cover

First, insert your thumb into the little holes located on the side of the trimmer head. They should be two in total, one on each side. After you have gotten your thumbs in there, begin to press down and pull the cover off with the other hand.

Remove Spool

You should now have access to the spool. Next, take off the spool so you can get it ready to accept the trimmer line.
The spool it’s going to have information about what size the string head accepts, both in inches and MM. This one accepts .095”. For this demonstration, I have already pre-cut 2 separate lines measuring roughly 8 feet in length. however, line length is gonna vary depending on which trimmer head model you have.


Place the tip of the trimmer line in the first hole and begin to firmly string the spool counterclockwise. Leave a few inches out as seen in the picture. Remember to always do the top one first, believe me, it’s going to make things a lot easier. Once you do it the first time you should make a note of the length, just so you don’t waste string when you do repeat the process.

Insert the excess line into this little groove located on the spool. Repeat the process for the lower section of the spool. Both lines should similar in length, however, you can cut off excess to balance them.

Re-insert Spool

Line up the pool with the eyelets and reinsert it back into the trimmer head. Remove any one of the lines from the groove on the spool. Begin to wrap it around the clip on the trimmer head, then insert it into the eyelets.

Install Cover

Repeat the process for the second line, and reinstall the trimmer headcover. The trimmer head cover should snap in place on both sides.

After heavy use, dirt may find its way into the trimmer head housing, so remove as much of it before refilling the trimmer head. Auto feed lines can sometimes be problematic, or not work efficiently when clogged with debris. I hope this article was helpful to someone and if you enjoyed it feels feel free to share it.