Did you say a fabric shaver? Sounds like one of those whacky products you come across during a late-night infomercial. Nonetheless, we decided to give it a try, before jumping to any conclusions.


So what exactly is a Fabric Shaver? Like the word implies it pretty much shaves away unwanted fabric or fuzz from the surface of your clothing. This particular one in the MR. SIGA, Rechargeable Fabric Shaver.

What is so special about this shaver?

First of all, having a rechargeable feature earns MR. SIGA some points right away. Cords are messy, and they make the whole process of performing simple tasks less efficient most of the time. Besides the main selling point, this shaver features Stainless Steel Mesh, 6-Leaf Blades, a USB charger, and a safety feature we will get into later on.

So let’s take a look at what is included in the package.

Besides the shaver, you get a box with two extra blade replacements, a USB charging cable so you can recharge the unit, a cleaning brush, and an instruction manual.

The part you have been waiting for, the actual test!

All those features and fancy design mean nothing unless the product performs well. Using the unit is very simple. The POWER and speed settings can be adjusted with one button located on the top of the unit. We did a quick test using a sweater that had a bit of fuzz on it. After a few pass over the test area, most of the fuzz was gone. These results may vary depending on the type of fabric and condition.


All extra material taken off goes directly into a removable compartment located underneath. Replacing the blades is also a breeze, simple screw off the blade housing and remove the blades. There is also a safety feature that prevents the shaver from activating with the cover off. However, you will want to be careful when doing so since they are very sharp. Additionally, it is always a good idea to store these types of products in a safe place away from the kids.

This product works as described, and from the look of MR. SIGAs face he never had a doubt.