Your Eureka AS1041 vacuum keeps your floors sparkling, but what about the vacuum itself? Keeping your vacuum clean is vital to maintaining its powerful suction and extending its lifespan. Here’s a breakdown of how to keep your trusty cleaning companion in top-notch shape:


Before You Begin

Gather Your Tools: Have these handy:

  • Scissors
  • Dish soap
  • Old toothbrush
  • Microfiber cloths
  • Screwdriver (if needed for your model)

Step-by-Step Cleaning

  1. Empty and Clean the Dust Cup:
    • Locate and detach the dust cup.
    • Empty the contents into a trash bin.
    • Wash the dust cup with warm soapy water and let it air dry completely.
  2. Tackle the Filters:
    • Your AS1041 probably has two filters: a pre-motor filter and a post-motor exhaust filter. Consult your manual for locations.
    • Remove both filters.
    • Pre-Motor Filter: If washable, rinse under running water until clean. Dry completely before replacing. Replace if non-washable.
    • Post-Motor Filter: Usually not washable. Tap gently to dislodge dust or replace if heavily soiled.
  3. Clear the Brush Roll:
    • Turn the vacuum over and carefully remove the brush roll housing.
    • Use scissors to cut away tangled hair or threads.
    • Clean the brush roll with an old toothbrush, removing any trapped debris.
    • Check the bearings for smooth rotation and replace if necessary.
  4. Wipe Down the Exterior and Hose:
    • Use a damp microfiber cloth to wipe down the vacuum’s body and hose. Pay attention to crevices where dust can accumulate.
    • Check the hose for any blockages and use a long object (like a broomstick) to clear any obstructions.

Additional Tips

  • Deep Cleaning: Every 6 months, give your vacuum a thorough cleaning, including disassembling the brush roll housing for inspection and cleaning any internal dust buildup.
  • Belt Check: Check the belt for wear and tear. A worn belt affects cleaning performance. Replace if needed (refer to your manual for instructions).
  • Unusual Noises or Smells: If your vacuum makes strange noises or emits an odor, have it professionally checked.
  • Safety First: Always unplug your vacuum cleaner before starting any maintenance.

Keep Your Eureka AS1041 Humming

Regular cleaning doesn’t just keep your vacuum looking good; it ensures it operates at peak efficiency. By following these steps and tips, you can enjoy a clean home and a long-lasting vacuum cleaner.