For many, old habits like forgetting to recycle a plastic bottle or soda might be a hard cycle to break. Even so, they are many simple ways to cut down on waste, from reusing household products to buying in bulk. The following are a few tips to help consumers recycle, reuse, and reduce waste:

A selection of garbage for recycling. Segregated metal, plastic, paper and glass on white background

Keep it loose

Purchase nails, screwdrivers, and other hardware items in loose bins. Choose produce at the grocery store that is not in prepackaged containers.

Bring your own bag, and reuse bags and containers

Take your own canvas tote bag to the grocery store or keep a supply of bags on hand for future shopping trips.

Consider concentrated detergent

Concentrated products often require less packaging, resulting in less energy to transport to the store and less plastic to recycle.

For example, ECOS a plant-powered concentrated laundry detergent will do one load per ounce. ( 100-ounce bottle cleans up to 100 loads). In addition to less packaging, the formula is safer on the environment compared to regular detergents.

Choose to reuse

Reach for reusable products such as dishcloths, napkins, or sponges instead of paper towels.

Recharge and renew

Recycle old batteries and replace them with rechargeable ones. Less discarded batteries help reduce garbage and keep toxic metals out of the environment.

Buy smart

Look for long-lasting, and energy-saving appliances when shopping. Most of them will have the Energy Star label. Additionally, purchase electronic equipment with good warranties and reviews.

Get crafty

Get in touch with your creative side by reusing scrap paper and envelopes, ribbons, tissue paper, gift boxes, and even wrapping paper. You can take it a step further and save those cardboard boxes, egg cartons, colored paper, and other items for arts and crafts projects.

Think thrifty

Donate unwanted clothing to charity organizations or sell the items in consignment shops, yard sales, and online. Likewise, share hand-me-down clothing with family, friends, and neighbors.