Mowing the lawn can become an unwanted chore, especially if you just want to go outside and enjoy a nice day in the sun. You can resolve this by hiring a lawn care company or having the kids take care of it. Another option that is not so popular is getting a robotic lawnmower. This way the kids get to play in the sun, and you do not have to wait until the next scheduled lawn visit.


A robotic mower is like having a miniature cordless mower without the operator. Like a Roomba, it is battery operated and automated. However, instead of a vacuum, these mowers have tiny blades that cut the grass into fines clippings. This process eliminates the need for any bagging and returns nutrients back to your lawn.

How does it work?

You will first need to install boundary wires along the border of our lawn and the charging dock. This process can end up taking a bit long, but it is a one-time deal. When installed properly the mower will cut within the boundary wires and according to the settings you input. There is no set mowing pattern, so do not expect the mower to do strips on your lawn. After the battery gets low the mower will then return to the docking base to recharge. Depending on the brand and model, you can get many features such as rain detection, avoiding obstacles, mobile app, and anti-thief.

Can I set it and forget it?

Robotic mowers are a glimpse into the future of lawn care, but that glimmer of hope comes with a few drawbacks. While these mowers are programable, they do not have the capability to think independently on their own. Leaving the mower unattended while you are on vacation is not an option. A falling branch or some other object can end up on the lawn and cause it to get stuck.

The grass could simply grow thicker in one area of the yard, hence hindering the mower operation. An unexpected power shortage would interfere with the mowers charging sequence.


How much does a robotic mower cost?

Robotic mowers can be a great investment if you have a busy schedule or just dislike mowing. These machines come with all the benefits of a regular cordless mower, No noise, no gas, no pushing. Nevertheless, Robotics mowers can get pretty spendy with prices ranging between 600 to $3000. That price can increase if you hire someone else to do the installation.

When compared to the average cost of maintaining a smaller yard, it would cost you far less to hire someone. These mowers also lack the power associated with a regular gas mower; therefore, it would not be suitable for a property with thicker weeds.

Is a robotic mower right for my needs?

robotic mowers worth it?

A robotic mower is an excellent alternative to mowing your own lawn. Especially, if it is within your budget and you have the time to monitor it. But that defeats the whole purpose, right? If you need your lawn done while you are away, then hiring someone would benefit both of you.