Scenario, you lend your truck to a friend or relative so they can move a couple of pieces of furniture. However, it is returned with scratches in the bed area. Now you must deal with unsightly scratches that can only make your truck’s value deteriorate quicker. Had you thought about it, you would have stuck a bed liner in your truck in advance.


Why use a bed liner?

The above account may not have happened to you, nonetheless, they are several other scenarios that could have the same result. Truck bed damage is bound to happen eventually, especially when the bed is unprotected. Advances in technology have brought new products on the market that either were too expensive for the average driver or did not exist a few years ago. Some bed liners you can buy include:

Spray-on liners

That is right; you can spray a super-thick polyurethane right into the bed of your truck. It is scratch-resistant, slip-resistant, air-tight, and easy to clean. At one-quarter inch thick, you can receive protection from fluids or scratches.

Roll-on liners

Like spray-on liners, roll-on liners provide the same protection. Even so, roll-on liners can end up being a lot of work and a bit messy. Bed preparation entails sweeping and cleaning the bed free of debris, sanding the entire truck bed and the sides before applying the rubberized coating. The sanding forces the coating to adhere to the bed area.

Installed liners

An installed liner is a suitable alternative If you find the spray-on is too expensive and the roll-on too messy. Regardless, you still need to be careful when dealing with this option. Some bed liners are of a higher quality than others. Look for liners that are durable (i.e., not subject to cracking, chipping, or fading), dent-resistant, scratch-resistant, chemical-proof, waterproof, and stain-resistant.

A bed liner is an excellent investment that makes perfect sense for any truck. Spend some time learning all about the different options and their advantages before deciding to buy.