In this article, we are going to be going through a few steps that are going to help you get your Green Works GPW 2000PSI pressure washer ready for use.

Greenworks gpw2000 starting intructions

1. First, connect your water source and secure it tightly

2. Connect one end of your high-pressure hose to the end of your wand then secure it tightly. connect the other end of your high-pressure hose to the pressure washer and again secure tightly. This ensures that there is no leak.

3. Choose an appropriate tip depending on the job to be done and connect it to the end of your hose. To do so pull down the locking clamp and insert the tip. Release the locking clamp when the tip hand has been inserted.

4. Turn on your water source, but leave the power button in the off position. Run the pressure washer for 30 seconds to remove all excess air.

5. Connect your power and you are now ready to turn on your pressure washer.

Always remember to wear the appropriate footwear when using the pressure or else personal injury may occur.