The wheels on a riding lawnmower are usually tubeless, so the repair process requires that you replace or patch the tire. In either case, removing the wheel completely is the best solution.


Depending upon where the tire has gone flat, you can change the following procedure slightly. But, ensure that you adhere to all safety precautions.

The procedure for changing the wheel is as follows:

  • Relocate the mower to a flat and level surface. If you have a portable pump on hand, you can use this to temporarily inflate the flat tire and then shift your mower to the desired area.
  • Shut off the engine and engage the hand brake or place it in the park. As an extra precaution, remove the mower keys in order to prevent accidental re-starting.
  • Fix up other wheels with a wheel lock or slip a wooden plank or a stone so that the wheel may not move. Do this to two wheels at least.
  • Next slip a hydraulic jack or a crew jack at a convenient place on the chassis, (This place is usually indicated in the maintenance manual) and raise the wheel to be replaced. You can leave the jack in place or replace it with a temporary block of wood to keep it elevated off the ground.
  • Remove the hub cap at the center of the wheel and clean and brush away debris from the surrounding area. This will take away any dirt from the clips and washer holding the wheel and reduce any resistance while taking out the wheel.
  • Use pliers to remove the e-rings or retaining clip (nut) and washer holding the wheel in place and begin to take out the wheel. You may require some lubricant (WD-40) if the axle is rusted or stuck.
  • After taking out the wheel, clean the axle remove all the dirt that has been collected, remove anything lodged in there, and brush away any rust using a wire brush.
  • Lastly, lubricate the wheel or apply rust protection in the area if they are any visible signs of corrosion. Install the new wheel and place the washer then C-clip, and hub cap back in place in reverse order.

Before you begin here are a few safety precautions:

1. Wear hand gloves all the time. This will prevent injuries to your hand.

2. When loosening the e-rings, give particular attention to the slippage of pliers. They can cause serious injuries to the hand or head. As you will not be able to control your movement when it slips.

3. Never change a wheel on a sloped surface. The mower can roll from its position during the repair process resulting in serious injuries or damage to nearby property.