For those of you who are truly passionate about your landscaping, a hedge trimmer is one of the main tools in your collection. If not then you have probably considered getting one. Hedge trimmers are designed for trimming hedges as their name implies. They operate by creating nice clean cuts that do not tear or cause minimum tearing to the plant you are trimming.


At the same time, hedge trimmers can also be dangerous when mishandled. Therefore, they are a few steps you can take that will reduce the chances of injuries and aid in safer operation.

Read user manual

Read the manual for extra precautions you may need to take with your particular tool. Though, self-explanatory most people never bother reading their manual. This is a crucial step that could save someone’s life or their limb.

Choose correct size and weight

Make sure you choose a hedge trimmer that is lightweight enough for you to operate for extended periods of time. You want to be able to safely support the hedge trimmer without getting too exhausted. Many accidents happened due to mistakes made because of fatigue.

Battery or corded trimmers are extremely popular with many homeowners because they are lighter compared to gas units. Muscle strain and back injuries may also occur if you choose a trimmer that is too heavy.

Disconnect power before maintenance

Make sure your fingers and other body parts are never in the proximity of the blades without the unit’s power supply completely off. Switch ignition to the off position removed batteries, unplug any electrical cords, detached spark plug from the unit before performing blades maintenance.

Sharpen and oil blades

Make sure that the blades are properly sharpened and oiled before each use. Sharpened blades make cleaner cuts, which reduces the chances of debris being tangled between blades and other things going wrong.

Where proper protection

Wear adequate protection (PPE) for your hands, feet, eyes, and ears if using a gas unit. Blades can sever fingers, cause cuts, and fling debris into the face.

Never trim above your head

This is another tip that should never need to be explained and yet people are injured doing exactly this all the time. Use a ladder If you need to trim high and climb to the required height to operate your machinery properly.

These are just a few safety tips; however, you might want to consider getting help from someone experienced if you do not feel comfortable using a hedge trimmer.