Have you ever thought about what to get a gardener for a gift? Well, it is simple really, give them something that is garden-related. Think back to the most recent gift you received and how it made you feel. Did it have a practical use, or did it seem random?


There is nothing more exciting than receiving a gift relating to an individual’s passion. Not only does this show you put some thought, but it also shows you put some extra effort. With many gardening-related gifts available the only limitation will be your spending budget.

Combination of smaller items

If you are on a small budget then try to aim for less expensive protective wear such as kneepads, gloves, or a wide-brim hat. You can even get a little creative by combing them in a watering can with some basic tools. The point is to give them a nice little gift package containing all the essentials gardening goodies.

Many of these items go on sale depending on the time of the year so planning your purchase could save you some money.

Books and magazines

Hard copies of gardening magazines and books are still viable gift ideas even in today’s digital age. Some folks just love sitting down in their garden and reading a physical book.

For the more tech-savvy induvial, a kindle e-reader preloaded with gardening books is just as good. There is a huge library of eBooks available through kindle unlimited. Going digital means fewer books to haul around and access to a wider selection.

In either case, subscriptions can be purchased for up to a year or a one-time purchase. Make sure the recipient does not already have the same reading material or keep the receipt just in case you need to return it.    

Plants, bulbs, & seeds

Potted flowers, bulbs, succulents, and seeds can be a great idea if you just want to keep it simple. Most Gardeners love the process of planting or tending to their plants so these selections will be surely appreciated.

When purchasing plants make sure to choose those that are best suited for your particular climate. Certain types of plants are native to tropical zones so may require artificial conditions to survive. Plants such as roses are beautiful yet hardy, making great over gifts. Succulents and cactus are good house plants that require little tending to.    

Upgrading Power Tools

While upgrading tools tend to be a bit on the pricier side, it will most likely put a smile on your recipient’s face. A simple upgrade from gas or corded tools to battery operating versions can prove to be very beneficial to your recipient.

Corded tools make it tricky to maneuver in certain situations without tripping over the cord. While gas tools are, heavy, noisy, and require petrol. Lawnmower, hedge trimmers, and weed eaters are three of the most commonly used maintenance tools.


Before making more expensive purchases take some time to observe your recipient’s gardening routine. This will all depend on how close you are to that individual, but well worth it. Likewise, a simple conversation can equally reveal just as much.

Try to take notes on tools they might need or plan on getting in the future. You do not want to end up getting a duplicate of something. Remember smaller items like gloves can always be used as a backup, but larger items will likely have to be returned to a store.