Are all roses just the same with the exception of color? In Fact, not all roses are alike, they come in numerous distinctive varieties. Furthermore, each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. So, if you are planning to add some roses to your garden, it is important to know the different types.



A floribunda is a group of garden roses with blooms that normally starts blooming in early summer. With this variety, the middle bloom usually matures faster than the rest. Depending on your preference you can pinch off these early blooms so that the entire group is in sync when blossoming.

Hybrid Tea

If you prefer fragrant, lush flowers, then the tea rose is an option worth taking a closer look at. These roses are amongst the more popular varieties and bloom numerous times during the year. Blooms are usually large, especially when you prune them properly. The removal of side buds can achieve the best results. This process will help redirect all the energy and nutrient to the center buds on each stem.


If you are looking for something to add more appeal to your arbor, then you may want to consider climbing roses. Though, many individuals consider any rose that sprouts up a fast-climbing rose, many are actually of the sprawling variety. Nonetheless, both types share similar traits such as small flowers that grow plentifully during the blooming season, and robustly growing canes.

These varieties are so vigorously growing in nature that regular pruning shears do not work on the older canes. In this case, only bigger tools such as loppers or pruning saws are effective when cutting them back to a manageable size. Besides being hardy, climbing roses tend to be more resistant to diseases.

When pruning climbing roses, you can cut down to three of the strongest canes. This will redirect energy toward producing more vigorous, and stronger vines. In order to guide them in the direction you want them to grow you will need to tie the canes in place.


These tiny roses are great for landscaping your garden border with colors or even as a container plant. Miniature roses range from 6 inches to more than 24 inches in height. Despite their small size miniature roses are very hardy and you can find them in many of the same colors as standard roses.


Shrub roses are an extremely hardy and thorny variety that grows relatively low compared to other types. While a single bloom may not seem spectacular, the experience is more satisfying when you observe the shrub as a whole. Roses on these bushes are numerous, therefore increasing visibility when being witnessed from a distance. What you end up with is a spectacular burst of colors neatly huddled together


As the name implies, this variety of roses only blooms one time each year. Though they only have a shorter bloom period, these roses can put off a spectacular show. One-bloomers produce roses with magnificent colors all packed together, which is one of the reasons they are still pretty popular. You can prune once-blooming roses immediately after flowering.

Though all roses may not be the same, they all have one thing in common and that is their ability to evoke a series of emotions without the need for words.