So you may have been scammed before or even come across a scammer. Like many others who have been in your shoes, it is hard to take anything at face value. You see an ad on Craigslist that seems too good to be true, but what if you are wrong? You may have just let an opportunity slip away. Shopping online can be very stressful, and that is why we have created a simple guide to shopping on Craigslist. This article will take a look at why Craigslist is so useful. At the same time, we will also offer some advice on how to protect yourself while using Craigslist.


Why Craigslist is so appealing?

While they are other platforms that focus exclusively on product purchases, job searches, or social networking, Craigslist is unique. The reason is, that it provides one convenient location for all of these types of searches and more. Craigslist might have started as a small and exclusive operation, but has since expanded into a larger community.

Their platform layout makes it easy to access information on people, products, and events specific to geographic regions. Users can communicate directly with those in their area instead of having to search through a larger database.

How to Protect Yourself on Craigslist

Craigslist is no more dangerous when compared to other online communities like Facebook Marketplace. As with any internet gathering place, the biggest problem is the ease with which individuals can disguise their true identities or intentions.

Protect your personal information

Safeguarding your personal information is one of the best ways to protect yourself on Craigslist or any online community. Never give out information such as credit card numbers, bank account numbers, social security numbers, and other similar numbers to strangers. Only offer this information, if you have confirmed the individual’s identity. Additionally, you should always transmit the information over a secure server. This is important because criminals can use this information for identity theft or other fraudulent purposes.

Don’t over sharing

Likewise, you should always take care when giving out personal information such as full name, address, and phone number. Someone with malicious intent can use it to locate an individual. While these are obvious pieces of information we should safeguard, it is important to be wary of individuals asking for other random information.

For example, someone could identify an individual by using information such as a first name, high school attended, and year of graduation. While they are location services available online, they only work if you provide them with some information. In other words, don’t make it easy for criminals. Although it may seem harmless, determined criminals can use this information to deduce the last name of the person and find their address.


Craigslist very valuable online community for individuals who are looking for a variety of options including jobs, products, services, personal connections, or housing opportunities. The majority of users likely have no harmful intentions, but there is a small percentage that does. There are, however, a number of very worthwhile reasons to use the Craigslist community.