Trying to figure out ways to encourage more birds into your yard? Well, it is not that difficult to attract our little feathered friends. The key is to give them what they need, and the rest will fall into place.


1. Bird Feeders

Installing something simple as a bird feeder can be a great way to attract birds. Food is one of the many necessities needed for any living creature to survive. You can use mixed seeds or choose a substitute depending on the species of bird you would like to attract.  For example, Thistle seeds can attract a variety of species like finches that otherwise would not come.

2. Bird Baths

While you are at it why not go a step further and offer a refreshing birdbath? Birdbaths have many uses, two of them being a great source of nourishment and cleansing.

3. Bird Houses

Another basic essential that birds need is a place to shelter. There is no exception to this rule when it comes to survival. Birds have many predators ranging from cats to other birds like hawks who are out to catch them. A basic birdhouse will work in most instances and you can get them ready-made at your local hardware store in most cases.

A brush pile is a good alternative solution if you want a more natural structure. Likewise, a flower bed is natural and has the added benefit of being more visually appealing. You can install a flower bed with some evergreen plants as a ground cover or border. Any option you choose should provide adequate shelter and protection for birds.   

Birdhouses can also provide a safe and dry place for birds to build their nest and raise their offspring. Observing birds in the rearing process can be more fulfilling than seeing it on a television screen.

4. Choose the Safest Location

Though providing birds with food and shelter may seem very straightforward forward it can sometimes be dangerous for them so be mindful of where place.  Most birds survive by camouflaging themselves in their natural surroundings. This can be in an elevated tree or tucked away in the shrubbery, so be sure to choose a secure location that is not easily accessible to ground predators.

By providing these basic needs for birds, you can create a mutually beneficial relationship. Your yard will provide a haven for them while you get to enjoy their beauty at the same time.