Cherries are delicious and they are usually thought of by non-gardeners as some exotic plant. If you are amongst the lucky few who have inherited a tree with your property, they can bring much enjoyment. Just looking out your back window and seeing a magnificent, glorious cherry tree can be a rewarding experience.


Likewise, eating the delicious cherries that spawned from your tree is a rewarding experience. Unfortunately, they are many annoyances that come along with this joy. Cherries like other fruit trees seem to attract unwanted creatures compared to other plants. Birds in particular are a constant problem that most people must deal with.

Why are birds so tricky to deter ?

Their ability to fly gives them a strategic advantage to come in from any angle and make a quick getaway with the cherries. These feathery foragers can also sit undetected in the branches and munch away all day. It can seem almost impossible at times to get rid of these pests because of their versatility. However, they. are several different ways you can deter them from your house.

Imitation predators

The most commonly used way to repel birds is to place a plastic predator such as an owl or snakes near the house. Birds will instinctively try to avoid any animal that would usually try to eat them. Although they do not fall under the predator category, scarecrows can be just as effective. You can purchase most of these items at your local gardening store or online if you want a wider selection.

Reflective surfaces or noisy objects

Plastic animals usually should be enough to cure the bird however, some birds are just brave or perhaps too clever. If you encounter these types, almost any noisy object or reflective surface should prevent the birds from coming too close. You can purchase wind chimes and reflective tapes at any gardening store. You can even recycle some of those old CDs since they have a shiny surface.

Do not be afraid to use a combination of plastic animals along with reflective and noisy items for maximum scaring. With this tragedy, most birds will be too terrified to even go close.

Consider a separate tree for birds

This last tip is not a deterrent, but it is still worth some consideration. Although birds tend to be a little gluttonous with their share of fruits, you should still consider leaving one tree exclusively for them. While these airborne creatures may seem like a pest sometimes, they often liven up your garden.

On the other hand, this may not be an option if you only have one tree. Nonetheless, there is nothing wrong with a little compromise, especially if you enjoy connecting with nature.