Besides the candy, craft projects are one of many fun things about Halloween. Generally speaking, there is no such thing as a bad Halloween project. On the other hand, a craft project that takes too long might be an exception. You know the ones that have so many steps, the kids quickly loose interest. Here are a few craft ideas to try that can make things simple and fun. They are short, sweet, and the end results are nothing short of spooktacular!


Antenna Characters

Hey, if you are going to dress up your house for Halloween, why not do the same for your car?  With various Halloween-themed colors, antenna characters are adorable and look great at the top of your vehicle’s antenna. They are easy to makes using various colors (orange, black, white, green) of flat foam materials.

Start of by drawing a light outline of a ghost, spider, pumpkin, or frankenstein head, approximately 4-inches tall and 3-inches wide.

Use a single hole punch to cut out the shapes, punch two holes in each shape, one approximately an inch from the bottom of the shape, and another approximately an inch from the top of the shape.

Use permanent markers or glitter glue to decorate the shapes with facial features, an outline or anything you prefer. Allow to dry thoroughly afterwards.

You can attach them your automobile antenna, once dried. To do this, you need to insert the characters unto the antenna through both hole, starting from the back of the shape to the front. finally place the antenna through the top hole, front to back.

The Antenna Character should be secure enough to withstand normal driving conditions.

Halloween Mosaics

Another craft that is very popular nowadays is creating mosaic art using tiles. Children can use construction paper instead of tiles or glass to duplicate this popular craft.

Precut small squares of various colors of paper before gathering the children around the table. Choose a selection such as black, orange, blue, red, yellow, white, green, etc.

Draw the outline of a pumpkin, ghost or other halloween character on a piece of heavy white stock paper.

Provide some all-purpose glue so you or the kids can place small dab on the back of each square.

Here comes the fun part! Using the squares and outline, kids can mosaic their way to a uniquely creative masterpiece.  

As a added bonus, you can frame and hung their creation on the wall for many future halloween seasons.

Pumpkin Painting

In less than one hour, you can create one of the most adorable pumpkin craft, ready to be proudly display in your home. Pumpkin Painting is the perfect activity for little ones who may not be old enough to handle the jack-o-lantern carving duties. It is also much safer and more hands-on for toddlers since there is no knife involved.

a woman artist prepares for halloween and paints pumpkins

Using simple supplies such as acrylic paints, newspaper, markers and sealer, kids can paint playful, silly faces on their pumpkins.

Likewise, they can paint their favorite cartoon character, harvest design, or Halloween motif. As an added benefit, painted pumpkins preserve better compared carved pumpkins. This benefits alone, makes it much more economical as oppose to carving.