Landscaping maintenance can be a very lucrative full-time business or side hustle depending on the going rate in your location. There is always a high demand for services such as lawn care and general gardening. It is the sort of business that requires little expense when you are just starting out.


However, in order to expand while maintaining a steady profit, you will eventually need to upgrade your equipment without ending up in debt. One way of doing this may be purchasing high-end used equipment and repairing them yourself. This should cost a fraction compared to buying new.

Are used equipment any good?

Like many, you may be hesitant when it comes to the idea of used equipment, because of the general misconception that used means not good. That is not always the case. Most small engines are built solid and should last for years when maintained according to manufactures recommendation.

If you end up having issues, just making simple adjustments or replacing parts can restore an engine to factory-like performance. You can find a maintenance kit averaging between $10 – $15 on websites such as eBay and Amazon.

These kits normally include stihl carburetor, sparks plug, primer bulbs, fuel, and air filters.  This should be enough to bring back any dead engine to life.

Some tips for spotting a great bargain

1. Buy well-known brands

Before making any decision it’s always best to do a bit of research to see what other landscapers are using. A good starting point is deciding what brand you want. Certain brands such as STIHL, Husqvarna, Echo, Redmax are some of the more common brands used by professional. The reason being is that they’ve been tested over time and have proved themselves in terms of high-end performance and longevity.

Another added insensitive to purchasing well-known brands such as the one previously mentioned is the resale value.   You can easily end up make a profit when you decide to sell these types of equipment. Some individuals have made a business of buying used equipment and flipping them for a good profit after minor repairs.

2. Get tools that have enough power for the job needed.

The next factor to consider before making your purchase is the model. Small engines usually come in a residential and commercial version. Residential versions are mainly used by homeowners for smaller to medium-sized projects.

They seldom possess the added power needed to complete more extensive commercial jobs. If you have the option its always best to acquire a commercial model, especially if you plan on starting a business.

3. Know what you’re buying.

Finally, figuring out the extent of the damage will save you a bit of frustration in the end. Spending a little time researching YouTube for common troubleshooting guides for the model you are interested in will come in handy.

You can repair some engines with your basic maintenance kit; however, some may not be worth the time such as those with damaged internal parts. Scored pistons and damaged cylinders can end up costing you money and time.

4.After you’ve considered all the above it’s just a matter of finding a good deal.

You can easily acquire a $400 piece of equipment for $30 if you shop around. Craigslist and Market place are two excellent platforms for finding great local deals. Many homeowners end up selling commercial quality equipment that are hard to start after Winter. It’s just easier for them to purchase new equipment instead of paying near retail value to have someone repair it. Their loss is your gain.


While initial costs are low, strategic equipment upgrades can unlock significant growth and profit potential in your landscaping business. By considering high-quality used equipment and mastering basic repairs, you can fuel your expansion without breaking the bank. This approach positions you to capitalize on the ever-present demand for landscaping services and build a thriving business on your own terms.