Light and powerful are two qualities that make the STIHL KM 94R series weed eater immensely popular amongst both homeowners and professional landscapers. Many of you might still own an instruction manual already if you purchased yours new. However, others may have lost it or bought a used unit without one.


Whatever the reason is we will be going through the procedures needed to start your KM 94r weed eater:

Step 1.

Place the weed eater on firm ground and do a general check to make sure the trimmer head is not touching any obstacles. Fill the fuel tank if you have not done so yet. No matter how hard you try, your weed eater won’t start on an empty tank.

Use the recommended oil ratio to gas (50:1) and STIHL brand oil. Using other brands may void your warranty.

Step 2.

Press the primer bulb no less than five times even if the bulb is filled up with gas.

If the bulb is empty after pressing its several times you may have a fuel blockage. This could be an easy fix or require more investigating.

Step 3.

Turn or rotate the throttle set wheel in the direction of the + sign until it stops. The wheel can be readjusted to any position after the engine has warmed up.

Step 4.

COLD START PROCEDURE: Turn the choke knob counter-clockwise into the choke position and then push it in. If done correctly the knob should stay in the depressed position until you depress the throttle trigger. We will get into that later on. The 94 series uses a different choke system than traditional ones.

Step 5.

Firmly hold down the tool with one hand and grab the starter grip with the other. Pull the grip slowly until you feel a little bit of resistance followed by a strong and fast pull.

New or well-maintained machinery will normally start with a couple of pulls.

Step 6.

After the engine starts running let it warm up for 5 to 10 seconds. You may need to increase this warm-up time depending on the outside temperature.

Starting a weed eater in lower temperatures will require a longer warmup.

Step 7.

Depress both the throttle trigger lockout and throttle trigger simultaneously. The throttle trigger will not engage if the lockout is not depressed. Depressing the throttle trigger will automatically switch the choke into the run position.

Stopping the engine

You can stop the engine by temporarily depressing the stop switch located above the trigger lockout. The switch is labeled with the words “STOP” and only needs to be pressed when stopping the engine.

If you accidentally depress the stop switch you can restart the engine in the run position if it is still warm.


Power tools that fail to run consistently or won’t start will need to be diagnosed further. Empty gas tanks, fuel blockage, fouled spark plugs, dirty air filters or clogged spark arrestors are among a few of the common culprits. Even so, many of these issues can be avoided by performing routine maintenance.

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