The simple answer is yes, but that depends on and few factors we will be outlining in this article.


As the name suggests, adjustable dumbbells are just that. These types of Dumbbells feature the option to rotate between various weights by just moving a knob or some sort of lever. The one used in the article is Slendor Adjustable Dumbbell.

Slendor Adjustable Dumbbell

Saves space

One of the obvious reasons you may be tempted to pick up one of these products is the space-saving design. Unlike a dedicated, dumbbell set, the plates on adjustable ones are all located in one spot. Now instead of having several sets of dumbbells laid out you only have two.

Easy transportation

Having all plates together also makes them convenient enough to transport. Adjustable dumbbells come with their own carrying rack for holding the plates in place.

When it’s time to relocate the set all you need to do is place the dumbbell handle back in the rack and then transfer the whole unit.

Some drawbacks to the design

You are restricted to a maximum weight. Although adjustable dumbbells might save some space they only allow a maximum weight limit. This of course might not be an issue for many if your work routines only require a lighter weight.

More moving parts equals more room for accidents. Most adjustable dumbbells will have a knob or some sort of lever to switch between the different weights.

Failing to set these knobs properly can result in serious injuries to property damage. Weights can fall off or even fly off in a different direction. Of course, the chances are slim, nevertheless, workout fatigue can dull our ability to think clearly.

Again, Adjustable dumbbells are well worth it. That’s if you do not mind the extra steps of always placing the dumbbell back on the rack to rotate between different weights.

Prices will vary according to design and quality so you’ll have to make comparisons to see which features and max weight works for you.