Listening to a little bit of music while doing yard work can be a very suiting experience, that is until you start using your mower. Regular earphones lack the necessary components that block out the noise from your power equipment. Wearing your headphones under your hearing protector is one solution, however, the quality of music and effectiveness of your PPE decreases.


Having a cordless earphone that also doubled as hearing protection is the only real solution to this predicament. This was why I decided to spend the extra cash and go with the 3M WorkTunes Connect Hearing Protector. It combines the best of both worlds at a very reasonable price.

Straight Out the Box

At first glance, The 3M WorkTunes is almost indistinguishable from regular hearing protection. Only when examined close, a few features become apparent. Such as an audio input, charging port, and two power lines.

Included in the package are an instructional manual and a micro USB charging cable for the built-in battery. The manual explains all the necessary instructions needed for basic operation and initial setup.

The unit comes partially charged like most new electronic products, so fully charging it is the first step before moving on.  After charging, the next step is to adjust the headset to fit your head using sliders.

When wearing the headset there is a small noticeable difference when compared to my regular hearing protector. But this comes as no surprise since the headset contains extra parts inside: speakers, wires, and other components. The padding on the cups is amazingly comfortable and fits snug on the ears.

Using the Headset


The 3M WorkTunes Connect Hearing Protector has a simplistic operation setup, which you should be able to navigate using one hand. Once linked to your phone through Bluetooth, there is no need to stop what you are doing. A power button located on the right cup that controls all the functions. You can Pair, answer calls, and play music tracks with just a simple click.

Noise reduction & audio

When used properly the WorkTunes has a noise reduction rate of 24dB and higher. Some sounds are noticeable while using power tools, however, they almost fade away when the music is playing. Audio quality is clear overall and cancels out most background noise when in use.  Taking phone calls while using the headset is very convenient using the built-in microphone feature.

Battery runtime

Battery life on this headset is exceptionally long, adding up to hours of music play. I have used the headset up to a whole week without needing to recharge, however, this may vary depending on your usage. The headset also comes with a few failsafe to help monitor and conserve battery usage.

Firstly, there is no need to be concerned about accidentally leaving the unit turned on since it automatically powers off after 5 minutes of no usage. In addition, the Audio Assist feature informs you about the amount of battery charged remaining and when the battery is getting low.

Bluetooth capability

Constantly having to tinker with wires was one of the many reasons I prefer battery equipment compared to their cordless counterpart. Like, corded earphones tend to get in the way while working on the job and trying to enjoy music. The WorkTunes Bluetooth feature provides great maneuverability with a range of roughly 25 feet according to the manual.

Once within range, there is no need to constantly back around your electronic device. I can just leave my phone on the table or car and go about with my task.


The 3M WorkTunes Connect Hearing Protector is hands down one of the best budget wireless hearing protection on the market. Commercial equipment manufacturers are selling similar hearing protection for triple the price, so why pay extra for the same product?

You can use the headset just like a pair of regular headphones for listing to music.  Or you can use the headset just like a standard set of Personal Protection Equipment on the job site, minus the music.  For a fraction of the cost, you get a decent headset that should be able to handle most of the everyday tasks around the yard and on the job.