Walk-behind wheeled trimmers can be an excellent alternative to handle trimmers. They allow you to work for extended periods without getting too fatigued. At first glance, they might seem a bit more complex compared to a handle version. But, they share the same concept right down to the line replacement steps. Here are the steps to replace the line for a Husqvarna HU625HW


Disconnect the spark plug

Disconnect the spark plug wire so that the trimmer does not start by accident. Place the spark plug wire aside so that it does not make contact with the spark plug

Remove the worn-out line

Remove the old lines by pushing them inwards toward the carrier plate. With enough force the line pop off the retaining clip.

Cut new line

Using the Debris Shield as a guide cut two pieces of string. The debris shield will have one marking on each side to use as a reference. For this particular trimmer model, we will be using the “22” mark located on one end of the debris shield. Each line should roughly measure 18-1/4 inches and this model accepts a .155 inch diameter line.

Insert new line

Bend the line equally in half and insert the middle portion into the carrier plate. Next, hook it into the retaining clip and pull the line some that it sits securely in the retaining clip.

Balance installed line

Do one final check to mark sure the lines are of equal length and balanced. Remove any excess line to avoid unnecessary vibration.

Reconnect the spark plug and you are done!