Yes, the Keens Uneek is a play on the word unique. While that name might seem a bit derivative, the design is very distinctive. I have only had these sandals for less than a year, and that was all the time I needed to get an overall opinion.


Build and Design

Let us start with the obvious design! “Where did you get those sandals from?”, that is the question I get asked the most by random people.

Unlike the other Keens sandals design which all share a similar build, the Uneek is braided with a very interesting rope-like material made of polyester. Although the rope design may look uncomfortable, the polyester material is very soft on the skin. In addition, the braided design reduces the overall weight and contributes to a more snug fit while allowing a bit of wiggle room. 

While the Bison, and black are my favorite, they are an assortment of different colors to choose from depending on your taste. The Uneeks are available in both male or female versions. Unfortunately, there is not a kid’s version available yet, so you might want to erase any thoughts of matching up for family photos. 


These are not my first pair of sandals from Keens. The first pair I owned featured the classic toe bumper guard design which covered most of the toes. In a way, it gave me a false sense of security and overconfidence. I felt that my feet could break through stumps. 

While I miss that particular feature I understand it would not make sense to incorporate it into the Uneeks’ design. Nonetheless, the slightly extended sole design does offer some protection. 

Daily Use

Hiking, running, water activities, I have done it all while wearing the Uneeks. My feet are not sweaty at the end of the activities and that is a big plus. Traction is also great, and I do not feel like I am going to slip out of my shoes. 

The only drawback is that the corded design makes it a lot easier for sand and other objects to enter the sandals. If you are near the water you can just swish your feet around to remove any objects. On the other hand, if you are not,  dirt can quickly cake up at the bottom of your feet and become very annoying. 

Final Thoughts

Although the design does not offer the same protection as other Keens sandals, The Uneek has many other qualities that make up for it. It is a different, and all-around fun sandal to wear or at least one to consider.