Many gardeners start off with a few tools and before they know it the shed is looking like a mini hardware store. Be that as it may, you do not always need a bunch of tools, just a few tools that do multiple tasks. This way of thinking may end up saving you a lot of space and money. Here is a list of tools you can use for various jobs.


Garden tools with multiple uses

1. Pulaski

A Pulaski is a combination of an axe and adze. Firefighters commonly use Pulaskis to aid them in the field; however, this tool is also effective for working in the yard. The axe part comes in handy for cutting down smaller tree and more established shrubs with thicker base. In addition, the adze section is great for digging up roots and soil.

2. McLeod tool

A McLeod is another multi tool used by firefighters. Like most of the tools mentioned its application is very flexible when dealing with soil and vegetation. You can use one end for cutting and the other for raking debris out the way.  The top section of the head resembles a tamper making it perfect for leveling surfaces.

3. Radius Garden Root Slayer

Basically, a giant version of a Hori Hori with serrated edges for cutting up roots and a narrow spade-like design for digging deep into a variety of soil types. This robust shovel is also the perfect tool for digging into more compacted and rocky soil types.

4. Scuffle Hoe

Scuffle Hoes are one of the best tools for dealing with weeds in hard to reach places. Its loop like blade makes it highly effective with weeds that are growing within bark, gravel, and just beneath other surfaces not clearly visible. You can also use a loop hoe for other applications such as removing unwanted sod or saplings.