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Author: Earl Gibson

DIY PROJECTS, Home & Garden

What is a split shaft trimmer? 

Did you know that you can convert some weed eaters into another tool?  These trimmers are known as split shaft trimmers. You may have one stored away in the garage and not even know it. Advertisement An easy way to identify a split shaft trimmer…

Home & Garden

Benefits of having speed feed head on your trimmer 

Keeping a consistent string length while using a weed eater tends to produce a more desirable. Having the right amount of string length also puts less stress on the engine. However, the process of bumping the trimmer head can become very repetitive after a while. …

Four garden tools with multiple uses
Home & Garden

Garden tools with multiple uses 

Many gardeners start off with a few tools and before they know it the shed is looking like a mini hardware store. Be that as it may, you do not always need a bunch of tools, just a few tools that do multiple tasks. This…

Purchasing used equipment for new business
Home & Garden

Purchasing used equipment for a business startup 

Landscaping maintenance can be a very lucrative full-time business or side hustle depending on the going rate in your location. There is always a high demand for services such as lawn care and general gardening. It is the sort of business that requires little expense…