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DIY PROJECTS, Home & Garden

Beginner Tips for Growing Vegetables 

With so many harmful chemicals added to our food by commercial growers, it may be time to start growing your own vegetables. Alongside increasing your health, homegrown vegetables have a lot more flavor. They are also readily available, hence having you avoid frequent trips to…

DIY PROJECTS, Home & Garden

How to adjust Stihl BR600 Valves 

Like a four-stroke engine, the Stihl 4 MIX line of products requires routine valve adjustments. Having proper valve adjustment helps the engine to run at its maximum capacity.  A few signs that you may need to adjust your valves are loss in compression, trouble starting,…

DIY PROJECTS, Home & Garden

What is a split shaft trimmer? 

Did you know that you can convert some weed eaters into another tool?  These trimmers are known as split shaft trimmers. You may have one stored away in the garage and not even know it. Advertisement An easy way to identify a split shaft trimmer…